Why Study Women’s & Gender Studies?

“I have hired for 5 programs in social work, and any candidate with a Women’s Studies major or minor goes to the top of the hiring list.”
–Jon Carollo MSW, LICSW

Women’s & Gender Studies :

  • Small and flexible – fits well with another major or strong minor and possible to complete the credits for the Women’s and Gender Studies major in 5 quarters or less
  • Courses cross-listed with many different departments – offers variety and diverse perspectives on broad array of topics
  • Lots of choice in course work – you can design your major, minor or certificate to fit your interests and needs
  • Women’s and Gender Studies courses offer insight into topics and issues meaningful to students who care about diversity, humanity, society and the world
  • Women’s and Gender Studies faculty from a variety of disciplines

Why is Women’s and Gender Studies Important?

Women’s and Gender Studies provides critical thinking skills and an understanding of women’s diverse contributions to society, which are valuable for a wide variety of careers. Women’s and Gender Studies Programs are committed to realizing the equality of women and men in all areas of life so that our relationships, both personal and social, are characterized by the freedom and mutuality which can only occur among equals. Increasingly, specialists in Women’s and Gender Studies are being used as consultants in industry, higher education, insurance companies and personnel firms – even state and federal government agencies require people who have special training in understanding gender relations.

What can you do with a Women’s & Gender Studies degree?

No doubt, when you tell your parents your new major, they’ll ambush you with these types of questions. Lucky for you you can tell them, Women’s and Gender Studies is a very diverse degree. Women’s and Gender Studies affords you the broad education of a liberal arts major with the acuity of a technical degree. Many, many (too many?) options present themselves to allow you to write. This is a major that emphasizes writing. It’s not a place to take things at face value… you will need to develop your opinions using solid research methods. You will be frequently asked to respond to something through the lens of feminism, racism, or any other number of lenses. The nature of this program is a broad scope (from sociology, to theory, to activism, to communications), but it is not consequently shallow. (This description was written by one of our graduates, Cassandra Caterson.)

Students acquire essential critical thinking skills and the ability to think more globally than many other job applicants, making them valuable and desirable employees. These skills are vital to the workplace and excellent preparation for graduate school. Graduates are better equipped to mediate in conflicts and misunderstandings that frequently arise due to gender difference, which gives them the opportunity for employment with various types of organizations, including public, private, government and non-profit. Increasingly, specialists in Women’s and Gender Studies are being used as consultants in industry, higher education, insurance companies and personnel firms; even state and federal agencies require people to have special training in understanding gender relations.

Careers where Women’s and Gender Studies is extremely important:

  • University/College Administrations
  • Market Research
  • Human Resources
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • News Correspondent
  • Grant Writer
  • Editor
  • Lobbyist
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Advertising
  • Health and Human Services
  • Labor Department
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Museums
  • Public Relations
  • Publishing Companies
  • Counseling
  • Teaching
  • Event Coordinating/Planning
  • Consultant for companies who are trying to be more politically correct or gender equitable
  • Women’s and Gender Studies graduates have gotten jobs as:
  • Art Director
  • Planned Parenthood Organizer
  • Director of YWCA
  • Reporter
  • Researcher for Washington State Legislature in Olympia
  • Web Designer
  • Homeless Shelter Coordinator
  • Pharmaceutical Ad Agency
  • Court Facilitator